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Mali has maintained a relatively consistent rate of economic growth in the period 1980-2009 and shows an increase in growth over the last decade. The average annual growth rate of the 1980s (3.0 percent) and 1990 (2.7 percent) are slightly below the average rate for the period 1980-2009 to 3.2 percent, the growth rate of 2000 are slightly higher than him, to 3.9 percent.

indicators of MACRO-ECONOMICS

Indicators Values
Agricultural GDP 1 594,54 CFA
Share of livestock in agricultural GDP 38,60 %
Share of fishing in the Agricultural GDP 7,80 %
Share of agricultural in GDP 32,20 %
Poverty rate in rural areas --
Share of rural population on the total population --
Importations of agricultural goods & services 225,27 CFA
Proportion of agricultural goods and services importation to total imports 9,00 %
Exportation of agricultural goods & services 332,73 CFA
Proportion of agricultural goods and services exportation to total exports 19,00 %
Public spending in agriculture sector 348,55 CFA
Share of agriculture in the national budget 14,91 %
Share of Agriculture in the investment budget 30,10 %
Share of crop production in the agriculture GDP 36,60 %
Share of forest exploitation in the agricultural GDP 6,70 %